"I wonder, why I wonder?" -- Feynman

Monday, January 02, 2006

looking back..

Today is second, the 2nd day of a whole new year. 2006 .Very few days in your life you remember through out.I think last year has got a couple of them.
My 'four year' long adventure ended.Met some new people, a completely new culture..........In that transition I learnt to become chameleon.
Met some old friends and realized that I'm old, coz I'm having 'old friends'.
And since my job gave me plenty of time to waste in my way (And my way is better than my employer), I dared to ask myself a question."what I want?"..and there was a silence..........
In the end ,31st dec 2005, I found myself inside a bubble,in which I'm still suspended in a plasma of procrastination...


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