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Sunday, January 08, 2006

smirnoff with orange twist

It's 2:06 a.m. I'v realized , I don't hate myself. Rather I should say, the word is not 'hate' but can be 'dislike'. U r not getting ...right??..this is what we call Smirnoff with orange twist!! . An adulterated vodka or polluted orange juice or whatever!!. Yes, I dislike myself, sometimes, in busy streets with thousands around me or in a lonely place when confronted with what we call myself. No offence. My conscience had been bothering me for hours so I injected it with sedatives. ..Nopes!!.I'm digressing.. this is not wht I wanna write. Since I dislike myself 'sometimes'..most of the times I love myself !..yep! it, I'v been trying to write a love letter. .."Hey crazy bustard!! long desired son of a bitch, I don't dream coz u see them for me, I can't kick ur ass for it hurts my back!, u r still virgin so I can't loose mine..U r my euphoria, my fucking 'myself' 'smirnoff with orange twist'!!


Anonymous siddharth said...

Psyche.... dude get psyched out.... damn when i try to really look inside.....damn fear strikes like a sledge hammer conscience n shit....but ya know its not shit.....
am trying not to live (?) in this real(???) world.....cuz that used to hurt (this is more like a reality tv show, the world i.e. :) remote controlled by some outside force :)) )....find some other damn world to live in n observe the shit from inside out .... but still dont get pissed off .... just relax
am convinced that its really like the 'matrix'... yo wuddya say.... its good to be numb sometimes....with ya psycho...carry on..........
kamon achis???

2:29 AM  

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