"I wonder, why I wonder?" -- Feynman

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Unfinished Madness

Crocodiles are sleeping by some river. Birds are flying over some bridge.
Cows are grazing the field near by some place.
Ants are storing there food somewhere for the coming winter.
These things are happening just now in different parts of the world, while a white guy is lying on a black bed-sheet thinking of another guy, who's black and sleeping on a white bed-sheet.
Since globalization has taken place already in both of the places where those white and black guys are lying and sleeping respectively, it is not a strange coincidence to discover that their white and black bed-sheets are manufactured by the same brand.
Those guys are 7345.92 km apart according to a GPS system of some country in which both of them doesn't belong.
Philosophers (A different kind of human being who always try to prove that simple things are actually complex, then eventually tell you a complex story to explain the fact simply and would say everything is meaningless in the end) are those people on earth who talk of traveling at a speed which equals the "speed of thought". The actual value of "speed of thought", however, is not known to most of the human population, in other words, whoever talks of it doesn’t know the value. And the privileged few who are aware of it would not dare to disclose it for it is copyright protected. Nobody knows to whom the copyright belongs. Lots of researches have been conducted on this matter and the end conclusion, which at least few people agreed upon, it belongs to the one who flew over cuckoos’ nest. Nobody knows who the man is either.
Apart from the fact that it is not quantified there are other hazards with speed of thought. The first constraint is you cannot go to a place which you can not think of. This once created a major problem in world’s most populated democracies. Rich people were not able to visit the families with limited resources (or no resources at all) for they were not well informed about the poor lifestyle (so they couldn’t think of it). On the other side very very poor people with dreams often tried to visit their rich counterpart and landed up in one of the seven wonders. For example once a beggar suddenly vanished from a temple in south India (it was only noticed by another beggar) and he was found next day inside Tajmahal in Agra. Governments of developed nations have published many books like “Know all about poverty in 24 hours”, “A B C D of the Rich” etc to get rid of this problem. A leading newspaper in some country once tried to make thought traveling popular among everybody. Their slogan was “If you think you can”. Unfortunately they had been mistaken by the majority of people who thought they were advertising themselves. However, thought traveling has been very popular among the middle-class (which is a secret and nobody talks about it).
The white guy doesn’t belong to middle-class. Why he was thinking of the black guy was not for the traveling purpose. It was an incident which took place few months back in a country where thought traveling is outlawed.

The apparently bright yellowish Sun was trying to show up from behind the array of egg shaped water tanks of the only distinguished building in the town, while a baby girl ( just two and half years old), looking at it in a very stupid kind of way, asked her father in an accent in which only babies can talk,
“Look! Papa, the yolk is out!”
Her Papa was not in the same room in which she was. Her words would have never been heard. But that wasn’t exactly what happened. Mr. Somebody, a bit worried, was just entering his daughter’s room to have a look why his little menace had been quiet for so long, when those words took his breath away for a while. Why that happened was another story which was different from the incident and its consequences for which he couldn’t understand what her daughter had said.


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