"I wonder, why I wonder?" -- Feynman

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


It isn't night coz i'm thinking of you.It's not only night after night i thought about you,the truth is, in between nights i never gave a break to that thought process.You and me are different. We are like two national flags; one neatly folded and kept on a dead soldier's coffin another on the mast of a fishing boat midst of an ocean, torn in places fluttering vehemently in the storm. Your body isn't like mine. But I sometimes feel your body is just to deceive others.You and your body are different.It's quite amazing how u keep urself detached from it sometimes. You use it like a fancy apparel. You put on it and face the world outside, "the world of deceive and pretension"-in your words. Once you asked me a question "why God has given every soul a body to stay inside? Why should a soul has to be trapped inside a body of flesh and blood for a period called life? Is life is a punishment for the free spirit?
[sid's additions no obstructionisms meant..... when freedom is the most expensive gift that u can buy urself to be happy garner urself for that.......we rnt free thats true , but to reach for freedom in the sense of a destination is the greatest journey, the road less travelled is the most beautiful.]
a constraint for the immaculate soul?"-well these wasn't 'a' question. I forgot wht was my answer. It might be that i did not have any answer. I remember the question though. Finally you did it yourself. You learned to free your soul whenever you wanted. You never told me how you used to do it, perhaps it was impossible to explain such things to others. The most important fact about us was among our differences we sought confluence. That added a meaning to our otherwise mundane life. We once had an argument about what we should go for - a meaningful life or a beautiful one. Ofcourse a meaningful life could be beautiful as well. But, we were considering a special case, if we were allowed to choose between a beautiful life and a meaningful one what would be our choice?We both agreed that 'beauty is in the eyes of beholder' but there is something called perspicuous beauty which you can't ignore or pretend ignoring. So we refind our question to a choice between perspicuously beatutiful life and a meaningful journey from birth to death. We never beleived everything happens for a reason, for the very mystery of life is never explained by this statement. "If there is any reason behind all this external reality, this apparently ceaseless cycles of birth and death, from inside the process we could noway be able to comprehend it. Our observation and experience specific knowledge has given rise to multiple fields of study which are nothing but small playing grounds surrounded by enormous boundary walls and we are still pushing the boundaries as far as we can. But we also made provisions for them who dont want to play in there, who dont like boundaries, who dont want to obey the rules of those restricted places. We have given a name to this unconditional place of infinite span - Philosophy. It penetrates through all the huge strict boundaries and spans the entire so called logical playground." - saying this you had a sip of black coffee which i had prepared and both were drinking. I'm getting more of my memory back. We were sitting in a room, a dark room lit up by a burning taper. A normal human mind could think of hundreds of question after listening/reading such a description. They would probabily ask why the room was dark and would then try to relate it with an absence of electrcity. Some people who think they think out of the box might come up with an out of the box reason like a faulty light or a blown fuse. A romantic candle-light coffee can be another proposition. But there was no reason at all, everything doesn't happen for a reason after all. Then I remember how i was looking at you. This wasn't for the first time i was looking at you. But my vision was shallow this time. I was looking at the 'flesh and blood' you ...that in millions of ways was so not you, and i knew it. My roving eyes fell on the shadow of urs on the wall....


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loved it bondhu!!

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