"I wonder, why I wonder?" -- Feynman

Saturday, January 12, 2008

............if she listen.

Still the nights are heavy, memories shadow the dream
that day keeps on coming back, like evarlasting grim
A painting u started to draw, colored in your love
singing with the mountain breeze, smiling with the sun above
along came the blizard storm, no where to hide
took away the colors, leaving pain by your side

Now the canvas lies in a corner, drenched in warm tears
though the colors have faded, the pain hadnt gone in years
and there is a constant fear of loss, the mind cant escape
every thought of drawing it again, paint-brush out of shape.

Now the gleam has gone but surely there was light
midst of this pitch-black void, why the darkness seems so bright?
even though the windows are closed to deny outside
why the muddy smell of rain brings in such delight?
Now the curtains are drawn and the moon-light cant get in
then why seldom in a starry night the sadness gives in?
flower vase is empty for long, a couple of dead leaves
why the sweet smell of rose ? the fragnance never leaves.

these are the hints from above, ways to make choice
listen to the whispers, beliv in his voice.
its time to open the window, feel the summer breeze
time to dance in the snow, let the pain freeze


Blogger Shamik said...

If you composed it yourself then excellent composition i must say. And if you took it from somewhere then also its a nice choice.

7:55 AM  

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