"I wonder, why I wonder?" -- Feynman

Sunday, June 03, 2007


colors of night are fading ..
darkness is feigning its hide
sunrays are searching to see.
whatever the night hav cleared..

rushing down from the sun..up on the twentieth floor..
grazing against the window pane into the dark-no-more
slowly coming out of hide.. corner of a pillow,
scattered few sleeping pills, a broken glass down below
the limp hand and the pale face..
serenity lying in cold embrace..

on the side-walk by the trash bin..
far frm the sun ,,late for the sun beam
lying thr a wrapped up flesh
one of them whom God doesnt bless
sunrays come down and hold thr pace..
hesitating before striking his blue face.
they walk across the paleness, the dark frozen lips
melting dwn the frozen tears, heating up the cheeks

they thought the blood's gone, no more cold fear
no more cursed hunger, no more ugly tears
they thought the lungs wont take in this sick air
they thought God might have lost another unrequited prayer

suddenly the eyelids shiver, the wind brushed his hair
suddenly rays realized theres something nights couldnt clear...


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